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MoveSmarter Physiotherapy is a musculo-skeletal and rehabilitation service dedicated to helping all individuals overcome their pain or injury by providing quality individualised treatment and care.


We offer a mobile service, so you can receive your treatments in the comfort and convenience of your home or office. We provide all the necessary equipment, just as in a clinic situation.


It is our mission at MoveSmarter Physiotherapy to address the core issue of your problem so that you achieve the best outcome possible.


We believe successful rehabilitation from injury involves a combination of hands-on therapy (reducing pain and inflammation, improving joint mobility), and exercise prescription (core muscle strengthening, improved posture, reduced muscular tension). Without an exercise component, you are left vulnerable to the same issue recurring, so we ensure all treatments are composed of both these elements. 


MoveSmarter Physiotherapy also provides general rehabilitation, balance, and falls prevention exercises should they be required. We endeavour to fulfil the individual needs of every one of our clients, so please get in contact if you are looking for a physiotherapist that listens and treats accordingly.


For more information please call 0435 386 227.

: types of services offered


Musculo-skeletal Physiotherapy: This involves the assessment and treatment of your muscles, joints, bones, ligaments, tendons, movement patterns and postures. It may involve, but is not limited to, joint mobilisation, strength exercises, flexibility exercises, taping, postural control, muscle activation, bracing and support. We treat all areas of the body except hand issues where we recommend a specialist hand physiotherapist for treatment.


Rehabilitation: This service is beneficial for pre or post-surgical patients, or for people who require general conditioning to increase their functional capacity. Sometimes, through illness or injury, we can find ourselves functioning at a lower than expected level. Rehabilitation exercises aim to restore that function to the highest degree possible. A tailored program, designed by our physiotherapist, utilising functional strength, balance, and joint mobility exercises, will be provided to help restore your function. 


Falls Prevention:  This service is aimed at those who have a low-level risk of falling. Our physiotherapist will design a comprehensive balance and strength program to progressively improve your dynamic balance and reduce your risk of falling. It is designed to be preventative in nature, and we recommend getting assessed as early as possible to counteract the physical declines associated with ageing and illness.  


CFS/ME/Fibromyalgia: This service is aimed for those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia. It is not meant as a cure for these complex illnesses, but we hope to provide stategies and education to give you every chance of success. Gentle physiotherapy or rehabilitation can be performed depending on your current situation. We very much adhere to the PACING stategy and definitely do not 'push through' like traditional rehabilitation. These are complex illnesses, but we hope the provision of this service will help the CFS/ME community have a health practitioner that they can trust.  

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*Discounts may be available for pension card holders and those with CFS/ME/Fibromyalgia

What we treat

  • Musculo-skeletal assessment and treatment

    • hip, knee, ankle, foot, shoulder and elbow pain

    • back and neck pain


  • Sports injury treatment

    • ​tennis elbow, rotator cuff impingement

    • ankle sprains etc.


  • Screening assessments

    • ​strength, flexibility and functional movement reviews


  • Postural correction

    • ​education, muscle recruitment, core strength training


  • Post operative rehabilitation​

    • ​total knee replacements etc.


  • Pre-operative strengthening

    • ​anterior cruciate ligament tears etc.


  • Balance exercises

    • ​falls prevention

    • functional strength training


If you are time poor, have family commitments, limited transport options or are house bound, then we can provide a comprehensive assessment and treatment package in the comfort of your own home or office. MoveSmarter Physiotherapy is dedicated to providing effective, and individualised healthcare, and not the 'revolving door' approach that some other service providers offer. Let us help you make the smart choice; choose MoveSmarter Physiotherapy.