PhysioMassage is a service provided by our physiotherapist for those who would benefit from a sports style massage but would still prefer to have a physiotherapy screen and review included as part of that session. 


PhysioMassage is essentially a mix of physiotherapy and massageAs part of the treatment, you will receive a musculo-skeletal screen which incorporates muscle length and functional movement reviews, and treatment advice which is given according to the results of the screening assessment.


If the screen assessment is satisfactory, a sports style massage will be provided by our physiotherapist. However, if the screening test highlights that a full physiotherapy intervention is required, our physiotherapist can upgrade you to a full assessment to ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment.


Our team want to provide you with all of the right treatment options so you can perform at your best. With PhysioMassage, you get the treatment you want, with the knowledge that you are being seen by an experienced physiotherapist, and all within the comfort of your own home or office.


** We understand that some clients are prone to skin allergies or sensitivities so please let us know if you have any questions about the products we use.


In general, we use NAQI massage lotion ULTRA, and for those with sensitive skin, we can offer REDWIN sensitive skin sorbolene moisturiser. 


If you are uncomfortable about either product, please call 0435 386 227 and we will try to source a different product for you. Alternatively, we are more than happy to use your own personal massage cream for your treatment.

physiomassage pricing


             30mins-  $75




             45mins-  $100




             60mins-  $125




     *Health rebates available

Why PhysioMassage?


  • You get a qualified and expert physiotherapist treating you at all times 


  • You will receive an initial musculo-skeletal screen to ensure massage is appropriate for you. For example: a runner may request a massage for a tight calf, only for a physiotherapy screen to pick up an acute tear as the reason for their discomfort


  • You have immediate access to a full physiotherapy session if needed


  • General advice is provided to help with independent management of your condition


  • You get treated in the comfort of your own home or office

Enjoy the benefits of a massage by our AHPRA registered physiotherapist. With a strict professional development schedule, you can have the utmost confidence that you are receiving the best treatment possible, whilst also being provided with valuable information on how to prevent muscle soreness recurring.