movesmarter physiotherapy

MoveSmarter Physiotherapy is a musculo-skeletal physiotherapy service aimed for both general and sporting/fitness related needs. 


Our approach is exercise focused, which means that along with hands on physiotherapy, we place emphasis on core and strength programs to improve your body's functionality. 


Whether you are experiencing shoulder dysfunction, a sprained ankle or chronic back pain, we have the ability to  help make your body move in a smarter, more efficient way. 


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RunSmarter Physiotherapy is a musculo-skeletal physiotherapy service aimed at runners and those with running related injuries.


We pride ourselves on providing expert advice on sound running technique, muscular control and biomechanical screening along with traditional hands-on therapy. This ensures that you get the best possible advice and treatment, tailored for your individual specific needs. 


Whether you have an Achilles tendinopathy, or are experiencing hamstring pain, or have ITB trouble, you will receive quality treatment whilst being given the tools and knowledge to independently manage your injury.


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runsmarter physiotherapy

PhysioMassage is a sports style massage service provided by our qualified physiotherapist. Unlike other generic massage services, we provide you with a physiotherapy screen pertaining to your treatment area and complimentary advice on how to manage your muscular dysfunction.  


This service is beneficial to people with general needs, and also those with more specific requirements such as athletes, who would like the extra confidence of a physiotherapist treating them but dont need all the bells and whistles of a full physiotherapy session.


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Run Coach is a program tailored for recreational runners who would benefit from an accredited athletics coach/physiotherapist's expert advice.


This structured training program includes detailed scheduling of exercise activities, and provides informative education on the 'whys and hows' of running. ln addition, you also have access to our resident physiotherapist who can advise you on the best ways to stay injury free.


We have many different packages available according to your needs, including basic structured programs, one on one sessions, and physiomassage packages. 


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