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RunSmarter Physiotherapy is a musculo-skeletal service aimed at runners and designed to help those with running related injuries. 


A common mistake that many runners make, is to only receive a general physiotherapy appraisal. This often results in poor recovery and an increased risk of re-injury.


Our expert physiotherapist can give you a thorough and detailed run-specific assessment, that will not only get to the root of your problem, but allow you to get back on your feet quicker.


Our physiotherapist is an accredited athletics coach, runner and triathlete, and this combined expertise will give you every chance of resuming training in the quickest time frame possible. 


RunSmarter Physiotherapy has a philosophy to not only treat you effectively, but to educate you about the causative factors so you can independently manage your condition.


We believe that by training smarter, injuries can be prevented before they occur. Take the right step towards your running future by calling us today for a complete assessment from our qualified physiotherapist, and become informed on your potential areas of concern.


If you would like further information please call 0435 386 227.

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Musculo-skeletal assessment for runners: 


This traditional musculo-skeletal service includes additional specific testing and analysis for runners. We assess your muscles, joints, bones, ligaments, tendons, and overall movement patterns and postures. This may involve, but is not limited to, joint mobilisation, strength exercises, flexibility exercises, technique changes, training program changes, taping, postural control, muscle activation, bracing and support.  



Screening Assessments:


Our musculo-skeletal screening assessment will give you a detailed account of your body's strengths and weaknesses. It is imperative to know what structures may be susceptible to injury, so that we can introduce the relevant strength, flexibility and/or technique changes into your program. We will assess your joint flexibility, strength and control of movement and provide you with exercises to combat any areas of weakness.   

runsmarter physiotherapy pricing



  Initial Assessments:           $125




  Ongoing Assessments:      $115




  Run Assessments:             Call  

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What we treat


  • Foot Injuries: plantar fascititis, heel pain, bone stress reactions (navicular, metatarsals), big toe dysfunction (hallicus limitus, turf toe) and flat feet (pes planus)


  • Ankle and Shin Injuries: Achillies tendinopathies, calf tears, peroneal dysfunction, shin splints, over pronation and ligament sprains


  • Knee Injuries: patella tendinopathies, VMO wasting, patella-femoral dysfunction, ligament sprains and ITB friction syndrome


  • Hip and Pelvic Injury: hamstring tears, pelvic instability, trochanteric bursitis and adductor tendinopathies


  • Lumbar Spine: disc protrusion, excessive lordosis, joint stiffness and hip flexor tightness


  • Abnormal Run Mechanics: foot strike, pelvic instability and excess trunk rotation


It is critical to your success that you receive advice from an experienced healthcare practitioner that has been involved in your sport. At RunSmarter Physiotherapy, we understand the demands of training for a 5km, Half-marathon, or an Ironman Triathlon; we have experienced it too. Get an assessment by a physiotherapist with a running background, choose RunSmarter Physiotherapy.